Cultural Choice A4 100% recycled paper 80gsm white - box of 5 reams (NEW WRAP)

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A4 Cultural Choice 100% recycled carbon offset (neutral) paper 80gsm white - box of 5 reams

A high quality recycled A4 copy paper for all your needs 155 CIE whiteness This product is FSC® certified. This product is Carbon Neutral / Offset. This product is Blue Angel certified and Supply Nation certified - by purchasing this product you are supporting Indigenous business 80gsm, 500 sheets per ream Sales unit - Box of 5 reams

What’s so special about our Paper and why does your choice matter?

  • 100% Recycled and FSC certified Australian post-consumer waste. Your choice is helping divert waste from Australian landfill.
  • Australian Made in a state-of-the-art Australian Paper facility in Victoria. Your choice is supporting the Australian economy, providing local green manufacturing jobs and offsetting the environmental costs of importing paper from overseas.
  • Saves resources: recycled paper uses less energy and less water in the production process and keeps paper as a natural resource in circulation for as long as possible
  • Bright White environmentally friendly paper. Your choice means you get high quality printing with great environmental performance.



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