The Cultural Choice Association is a Deductable Gift Recipient (DGR) charity and is the vehicle by which Cultural Choice Office Supplies will enable its purpose and achieve its dream.

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Why Cultural Choice:


Cultural Choice supports the work of the Cultural Choice Association through direct contributions from sales of its products AND is the only TRUE Aboriginal Australian owned and operated, independent, stationery and work supplies company currently in operation with a National footprint.


Being an Aboriginal owned and operated,  using Cultural Choice directly for your stationery and work supplies can assist your organisation to secure whole of Government contracts - 100% of your order value is a direct Aboriginal spend under the Commonwealth’s Indigenous Procurement Policy(IPP) and NSW Aboriginal Procurement Policy (APP).


Direct engagement will also enable your organisation to meet any Reconciliation Action Plans and/or Indigenous Policy Framework that you may have in place.


Our Community Work:


In addition to our support of the Cultural Choice Association we undertake the following:


  • Our policy is to maintain 50 per cent Aboriginal employment across all levels of our business now and as we grow.


  • Through direct traineeships and work experience programs, Cultural Choice provides exposure to corporate office environments, inspiring young adults to be comfortable in the corporate world and widen their career horizons.


  • Mentoring Support Programs are available to our staff through NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, and all our staff are encouraged to develop their skills and achieve qualifications where possible.


  • We donate stationery and books to local schools and communities in need, and are looking to further develop a more formal program.


  • Cultural Choice Offer local Aboriginal traineeships and work experience programmes.


  • Sponsorship of multiple national Indigenous events in sports and film.

All transactions are processed in Australian dollars.