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The Cultural Choice Indigenous product range feature its delicate and intricate logo, created by the late Uncle Les Elvin; drawing on the traditional art of Gamilaroi. It depicts the journey of the two rivers (waters) in the Walgett area, the Namoi and the Barwon. The five water holes are the spirits of the grandmother, her grandson, his wife and their two sons. The dotted circle is a place of meeting, with seated people. In its centre where the earth’s colours blend, A totem of the Gamilaroi people, the sand goanna, covers himself with these colours so he may merge into his surroundings.

 This beautiful Aboriginal motif is applied to our initial Cultural Choice Range


Exercise Books Artwork

The flowing blue water from the Cultural Choice logo, are the twin rivers that meet at a common water hole.  The water ways encircle a meeting place or in this case learning circle.  Within the learning circle many coloured people are depicted in the outer ring representing people of all colour coming to a place of education to gain knowledge. 

The centre ring depicts the teachers facing out and the inner circle represents the hole of knowledge where all their information can be gained.  The hole of knowledge has the same colours of the surrounding land, to indicate that he knowledge gained helps people move forward throughout the whole of the land.

On each side of the learning circle we have an Emu and a Kangaroo to represent that by going to an institute of learning you can only go forward as the Emu and Kangaroo can only go forward they can’t go backwards.

   Artwork for our Recycled Copy Paper Launched in April, 2016

Indigenous Australians have protected and nurtured this land for tens of thousands of years. The strong spiritual and cultural connection of Aboriginal people with the land comes with an intrinsic sense of responsibility to share the knowledge of the land and to protect and nurture their native country for future generations.

This illustration depicts an elder  gathered in the knowledge circle teaching the children the importance of sustainability. The symbol of hands around the knowledge circle represents belonging, respect and protection for that which exists within it; the elders, the children, the stories and the land. 

Knowledge is shared in stories from the circle among communities and future generations to ensure the connections with the land and culture  sustain  and nurture  Country for ever more. 


Cultural Choice promotes the inherent beauty of Indigenous culture not only through its visuals but also with language. Linguist John Giacon, who has been involved with the Yuwaalaraay Gamilaraay people and languages since 1994, has worked with Mark and Jodie to develop Gamilaraay words to describe the items.

  • The notebook is nguudhuul (nguu – paper bark tree; dhuul – little)
  • The spiral note book is Nguudhuul Gayagalaraay (nguu-paperbark tree;dhuul-little,gayagal-spiral/helix;gaya-y-turn) – little book with spiral
  • The writing pad is girraabil (girraa – leaf; -bil – many)
  • The Post-it notes are mamayaanduul (mamayaan – thing that sticks, from mamay – to stick)
  • Tissues are Gaanbalduul (little wiper)

The words and their translations appear on the products. 

In the offices of corporate Australia and Government departments – particularly those with a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) – Cultural Choice products will work to inspire an appreciation for the uniqueness of language and the ancient origins of Indigenous culture.

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